Saturday, 4 October 2008

Whispers of October

its october that means! Haloooweeennn people! woohoo0! but not gonna be attending parties..ONLY IF in MANTIN hv halloowweenn parties!
which i doubt
so0 im gonna celerate it ALONE i guess..SUCKS!

im gonna get in linton(if im not mistaken it spell like that) on 28th of oct

oh oh im an aunty now! ahaha and the baby seems to like me..
i usually scare the hell out of babies..but this one seems to like me!
my cousin give birth just a day b4 raya..its a SHE!
her name is catherina irfan something..ahahahaa!
im gonna see the baby everyday! means im gonna be in TTDi everyday!

raya this very boringgg and it suckss
i hate raya..i love ramadhan more!

oh well..thats all 4 now..i'll update later...and im getting a lappy!
ahahaha yey!

ally loves all of u!
oh oh and i'll post my 1st date rules
so people..stay tuned! ahahahaa!

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