Tuesday, 30 September 2008


won't you take me when you're not here
it's been raining here
and I just want you to be near

It's funny how those last moments I spent with you sunset before you left still lingers in my head.All those things you whispered into my ear plays over and over in my mind.Those words of yours makes me laugh,they make me smile.......sometimes they make me sad........

when you're near me
I seem to forget my lonely days
it's more than a feeling
it's something that can't be explained

I HATE myself when i fall 4 someone..HATE it


cz i just cant get over them

grrrrrrrr! reow! bluek


but im gonna miss all the good memories..the gedik2-ing..naughty-ing and things like that

now i want to find something real

someone that i can talk to..ngada2 to..be there 4 me when i need em..not to0 bossy


those were the good old times ey

currently im trying NOT to fall 4 anyone bcz it hurts..i like that guy still(shittt)

i hate to break my heart over and over and over again

sometimes i just get tired of it and want to move on BUT

it sometimes just stuck there and i just couldn't shake it OFF !

so0 im going to change college

no more Stamford 4 me..

also means no more curve,cineleisure,ikano,ikea and ou

damn! im so0 gonna miss all that

and also..believe it or not..wajdi ,amna and dura TO0

also andalus and rawsha


thanx! 4 kiddnapping me when i was there ok? =)

im gonna miss MY HOUSEMATES

siha,noya,julia,farha atiqah,iqa(kecik),muna,aiNy,KAKAK ,vicky,fit,shakina,KADDY,izati suma


and ady to0 i miss u all!

take care ok u guys

I LOVE U ALLLL!!!! MUAHHHH! =) love love love love and lots of loveee

when u hv time..do call me,msg me..come to my college lg baguss!



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