Friday, 19 February 2010

welcome 2010

even if i knw its a lil late already i stopped blogging 4 a year huh?
now am back all fresh n clean
2009 was a gd year of experience
anyways 2010 is the year i crashed in love i dont fall anymore i crashed into it
the guy's name is ibrahim
he's kind n nice
with a big hear n doing too many charity work like feeding people n givin sum ppl place 2 sleep n eat and throw rubbish n smoke weed n all
anyways its all gd even sumtimes its annoying
too many but kissers i tell you! we've just been 2gether 4 2weeks plus now..still early to conclude anything tho
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all chinese people... i still love ur lion dance 4eva
i just love that one person i dont knw how wer n wat,which or anything
i just do n that is VERY
i neva tot i'll fall 4 him in any day or time but i guess neva say nver huh
i'll be back soon!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

11th November 2008

just writting whats crossing my mind
i dont care what u do..or what r u gonna do with who or whtever
cz ur not mine well fine try not to care cz it hurts!
and i dont want to mess around with people's feelings
cz its just real mean

ok thats all

i had my 1st class today english class by Dr.Parveen (she's kinda cool)
'll update later


Monday, 10 November 2008


ally is currently very confused
she wont be seeing anybody 4 a period of time
and ally is dyingggggg in mantin
C.O.D died of boredom in the jungle
ally is afraid to0 fall 4 anyone at all right now
but she dont like to play around also cz its still feels empty
ally thinks its not worth it..been there done that
its just pathetic and sad
ally just dont know anymore
sad huh? but its true
aly is stucked in mantin till end of the month
that will drive her insane..seriously!
havent sen luq yet...seen eqbal already he send me back from JJ
Bloody boring place s mantin
dyiiinnngggggggg! i might just appear on the gate at my hse mybe ^-^
so watch out! hehehe
seen 007..i almost slept in the cinema...i wasnt paying attention i idk if its gd or not
i wanna watch HSM3..
im now emotionless and fearless
im not feling a thing at alll!

sorry manu supporters but they do suck idk what happened to them but all i knw they do suck