Friday, 19 February 2010

welcome 2010

even if i knw its a lil late already i stopped blogging 4 a year huh?
now am back all fresh n clean
2009 was a gd year of experience
anyways 2010 is the year i crashed in love i dont fall anymore i crashed into it
the guy's name is ibrahim
he's kind n nice
with a big hear n doing too many charity work like feeding people n givin sum ppl place 2 sleep n eat and throw rubbish n smoke weed n all
anyways its all gd even sumtimes its annoying
too many but kissers i tell you! we've just been 2gether 4 2weeks plus now..still early to conclude anything tho
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all chinese people... i still love ur lion dance 4eva
i just love that one person i dont knw how wer n wat,which or anything
i just do n that is VERY
i neva tot i'll fall 4 him in any day or time but i guess neva say nver huh
i'll be back soon!

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