Thursday, 4 September 2008


its raining!
im not allowed to play with the rain no more cz im having fever *sigh*

auntie siti gave me keropok ikang..and it turns out yummmy! its from
pasir puteh,kelantan if im not mistaken
i hv my green tea with me(whew!)
i got my eclipse mints(winterfrost!) my fav
currently chatting with ieka! i miss u!
bila nk cita kawen2 lg? rinduuu!
asl u jauh sgt cik kak..pahang nun sanaaa
its a gd start of the day i think
releasing the mind bit by bit
im gonna make my head float today
lets not think of anything

i think im sleepy..which is a good sign
but nnt sahur lg..kena bgn balik
penat ah tido kejap2
my head is still hurting
lets sleeeepp ey

then sleepp then sleep

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