Thursday, 4 September 2008

Ask is all u need to do.

ok lets start something fresh
like this blog of mine
facelift! sikit

well what im gonna write below is either came to u good or bad (i don't care)

'If a man for whatever reason has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life,
he has no right to keep it to himself.' ( Jacques- Yves Cousteau)

so lets share our mind and thoughts here to make us a better human being and success in life

believe nothing like buddha said 'Believe nothing. No matter where u read it, or who said it, even if i have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and ur own common sense.'

im currently reading over n over n over again a book wrote by jack canfield titled-How to Get from Where u Are to Where u Want to Be-

some stuff that i've learn in the book and i would like to share it a lil bit here

all u have to do to get something out of anywhere is to just ask 4 it (specifically)
what u really want?
how do u want it to be etc

people afraid to ask 4 anything to anyone bcz of shyness.trying not to look needy or pathetic but mostly people are afraid or rejection!

Come on people!..lets face it
we HAve to deal with rejection in every way in life rise etc everything
but we cant give up!

we have to move on and keep trying! figure out whare n whats wrong and fix it and try again! again! again!
u'll eventually gonna get it
Never say never to urself even before u start it or have chance to try it
NO is not a word in ur daily life dictionary ..IGNORE..DELETE IT it and try again!
it will only hold u back

when u ask be specific about it
ask again and again
ask again it might be the person in a better mood.after u've proven u worth what u ask

okayy lets take a break yea..

-ally sky-

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