Friday, 10 October 2008

Stuff that came across my mind

its ok if u want to date my friends,
i'll act cool 4 real even if the inside only god knows thunder and lightning
i dont show my emotion very much..unless its necessary
im powerless
i hv a weird kind of thinking..sometimes im hard to understand(maybe most of the time)
i always make best decision spontaneously
sometimes u just dont know what going through my mind or what's next that will i do
sometimes im talkative but sometimes i just want to hear ur part that makes me a silent my self up
i dont do things 4 any reasons..i do stuff cz i feel like to
im curious
i like to0 share stuff with people..any peole whom i can talk to
i dont fight unless i just hv to0..i'll talk to u nicely first so be nice
i can make u invisible even if ur just 2 inch away from me cz i just dont like u or u've make me real mad
u cant read my emotion through my face
i love opinions
if i stare at u..please smile..and dont ask me why
sometimes its just that im talking to u but the my mind is talking to ur mind
now i sounds silly but i dont bloody care of what people says about me unless it will help me
i dont like negative people so0 STAY AWAY from me
stop shitting about urself and other people and act as if ur better

ok thats what came up my mind just now and im running out of ideas to type
so0 later guys =]

0139 hrs
cheers..morning and hv a good day =]

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