Monday, 1 September 2008


now the fasting month has started!
i love it!
i cant sleep after sahur so i decided to do some assignment..turn out that i've finish-ed em all at once
i didnt sleep at all last night cz my back is hurting real bad
so0 after i ate my sahur i went to my room well do nothing trying to sleep
but still cant so i went to real old novels of mine and i actually finished it as well
now im here typing this thing cz i got nothing else to do while everyone is sleeping
i watched the sunrise beautiful!
well i hope my mood will stay strong and positive today -- be prepared for fits of uncontrollable laughter

oh its 0900hrs
im not sleepy nor tired..
i wanna go 4 a jog but my mom will call me kar ray zee
last night i went to the mosque
i saw some of my high school juniors but they seems TALLER! SHitt!
then i saw some teachers as well and a lot of neighbors

Happy Fasting ya'll.
may god bless you.

dont ponteng2 puasa ok
esp LUQMAN BASYAR jgn curik2 minum air ok!
wahahahahaahahhahaha! sory babe
muah3 ahahahahaa

-ally sky-

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