Wednesday, 3 September 2008

40th post khalei vanakam (ady again) DANGEROUS feat akon

u drive me kar- rayh-zheeee
im really terribly sorryyy( soh-reee ady-san!) NOT faking it
u told me this once

'we can always explain the truth but we never force people to believe what we say'

i've told u everything and its up to u
plz plz deal with it

ur silent treatment is killing me.
i want the old u back
the one who pampers me.hugs me tiggggghhhhhtttttllyy to sleep n
i go craa hhh zeeee when u kisses me
i want u to play with my hair and all
i want u to be my superman that saves me from -my allergy =)
i wanna watch the planes with u again
and sings me ba ba black lalalal(even if it snows in Malaysia when u sings)
i am a fighter. i wont give up that fast but

i wanna be ur honey the one that serve u ur fav meal in the flighdeck and i wont let u eat alone.

i wanna 'sengih sengih' when i receive ur text msg and calls.

what can i do to bring the old ady back again?
please tell me.

esp if u r reading this plz stop ignoring me
ignore me no more

now i really sounds pathetic
but who fucking cares


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