Sunday, 1 June 2008

one of the days huh

well well well
i dont know what im feelingg its kinda nice
i know weird kan
today i met amna dura andhis nef ala i 4got his name .
.ahah sory im very bad with names
they r ok tp laughing all the way..i dont know i diam je la kann

woah suddently my bro bg fries..fuyoooooo
so im eating fries 4 breakfast n lunch im not shakingggg
ok ok back to the storyy

it was awkward hugging him 4 the 1st time..
i was shakinggg ahahahahahaha *dem*
from start till end
YES i was
n i became all silent
it was comfy hugging his arm in the car ..n putting my head on his shoulder
n he keep saying my hand besarr..ish

then we went to TUDM
kejap je..boringg theres this 3 badigol i jumpa
dorg kata ada something going on kat terminal 3..
so we all pegi laa
then xder pape..heli je byk
then balikkk

oH ya on the way back i kissed him ala..on cheek je 3 times kot..
then he was smiling all the way..
then sampai..we hugged..then i balikk..
oh my hand mcm lenguh tp i dont know y..n still shakinggg

my father blur n jenguk2
then mama i kata asal cepat sgt balik?
then she reply balik..dorg xtahan panas ke
then i angguk je blah naik ats
then titiba my father started laughing
i tanye y..dia kata hahahahahaha ur friends xtahan panas..
i buat bodo jln je..
then i called him
dia kata they all pegi tudm balik cz dura punya bro buat air show
thats all

kejap jee
but it was ok la kot

aish my father nk pegi kerja..i mcm HELLOOO its SUNDAYYY
do u get extra money 4 that? HELL no
im thinking of tagging along
but i mcm malass
and he mcm xnk i tag father said jgn sibuk..oh well

oh nadira the badigol stated calling n sms-ing me tanye TUDM punya base enterence mana
so i ckp..BADiGOL bukak la mata..
dia reply Chit! xpe..
so i kata ok pdn muka td i call u xangkt tido je keje

yeah talking about the time yea

its one of the days where u ask if u could pause the time.its one of the days when u fell the time went by very quickly
i wanna see u starting to miss him already *dem* aaaaaaaa ala i know im
starting to get mushy2

+ally sky+

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