Friday, 23 May 2008

heloooo! 2008 new announcement yaww!

all this pic is HIM
i LOVE him very very much
he's 19
he's taller than i am(DUH)
oh ya..his name is wajdi 4 short
but im give a new nick 4 him
n its WEJJIE he likes to drink skyjuice JE
his fav colour is brown
oh well he dont know i hv a blog!
he is very special to me
he's charming too
i just cant get over his smile..the 1st pic
when he smiles like that damn (dup dap dap) goes my heart hahahaahah i cant help it but smile
sometimes he just make my heart flatters..den i sounds like a girl..yeah yeah..i know im one

thats all 4 now..
we're going out to go to the air carnival!
i cant wait!

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