Monday, 3 November 2008

new college

now im in mantin.... in a new college
its kinda fun tho
my housemate is nice and friendly
there are six of us in a house.i got the top bunk as always
wanie,pqa,jia,syera, me and add
jia is my roomate..she's from sandakan,sabah so does add
then they bwk me to eat on my 1st night..its called nyaros kot
i met their guy friends
theres black(so much like luq)
then theres syera's bf..i cant recall ur name
theres hakim theres jia's cousin
and cant recall yet

update later.gotto go 4 some nasi ayam they told me is gd
=D i miss luq! gonna go out with im soon! yey!

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