Sunday, 14 September 2008

its not easy

well helo 4 a start
i've not been updating this blog 4 a while..its one of a heck of week
lousy ones
currently leaving everything out
and start over ..its a brand new week tho'
im tired of being sad...i do have limits for that to0

i went out to tesco with my father-

when my father and i went to the tesco
while walking at the biscuits departments and started to take biscuits in our hands
like..oh this one..and this one!
then i brought up some stuff my housemate says..well most of the people do la
people said im weird
then suddenly my father said
'u mmg weird pun'
i mcm WHAT?!
then he everyway u are weird
then he laughs
mean dad huh
so in my head..well if im weird in everyway that makes me UNIQUE then
so lets take it as compliment

well other than that Alif is ignoring me...(i really dont know y)
not him alone even mr.w seems so far now..not like he used to be
i know i didnt do anything to him
well it bothers me a lil
i wanna know why?
maybe i'll find out soon sucks in her love life
ally thinks she can make a poem or drama out of it
oh well
ok wtvr

then i was chatting with Charles
(then i told him if anyone likes me i expect them to tell me)
oh and also Charles told me that
actually guys is shy-er than girls
i was like..seriously?
then he's like YES
ok i really didnt know that
cz i never understand riddles or signs...
then charles said
blur la u
well i do get that a lot
i think its easier if people tell me straight that they like me
ahahahaha then i'll consider laa

see its NOT easy

so happy19th birthday DURA!

curenttly charles is feeding me with batman's soundtrack
i seems to like it

well i have a new timetable
i hate mondays as usual
i hv class until evening
but i love thrusdays! cz i hv no class on that day only
but im free everynight!

i bought a new pair shoe! yey!
i love the smell to0

im gonna go the mall alone like i used to0
oh well hmmm..
i wanna figure it out but i dont know where to start and where,what y
i wamma fire away the question but
i did ask mr.w but he said
' paham2 je la alia oi'
still i dont get it!


-ally sky-

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