Sunday, 17 August 2008

well well

So its been a week i moved into the hostel
its been a week i started classes n attending them(i've thought of skipping already) hoho shh!
my classes will be on wed,thurs & friday(im free every night) so come on and kidnap me..i'll glad to be kidnapp everyday! ahhahaa
so0 i hv only typing class..YES TYPING! and Business English
ok i havent got my very own real house YET
Mr. Raymond(officer counsellor) said by end of the month so im marking his word
currently staying in the senior's block E 17th floor..dtg ah
i've made new friends they are

nora(called noya)taken
theres julia(taken)
iqa(connecting jugak)
fit as in fitri(Female) engaged!
aini( flirting)
izati( 'abg angkt') processing kot
farhana/farah something2
and others i couldn't remember yet

no chance aa guys

typing class(ms.raj)
BE suppose to be ms.suzie but i dont know what happend to her and another lecturer took over our class called ms.liu if im not mistaken
oh well

wajdi hv kidnapp me once..i want moree
im waiting 4 fidzy to kidnap me as well
and Ara and LUQ to0
people! come n get me!

oh anyway my hostel location is at/in wtvr Mutiara Dmnsara
10min walk to curve
pelangi2 tu
so if ur there just hola me..we'll hang out yea

last night i saw ae3sha n nadira GOD i miss them!

-ally sky-

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