Thursday, 1 March 2007

2 days before sprts day..

a lil funny story...
sadarji is filing a job application
He promptly fills in the lines of NAME ,AGE,ADDRESS,etc

then came the column SALARY EXPECTED
After as much as he tought he writes:Yes

A man ask sadarji, why Ahmad Badawi goes walking in the evening & not morning
Sadarji replied..Arey Bhai,Ahmad Badawi is PM not Am...


what happpened 2day?? uh wait...last night i fell asleep somewhere 9.45pm..gila awal..
heh..ouh ya..i jz realise hw dark i am now..huhu..ouh skin plz become putih again...

ok..soo 2day ada saringan 4 1500m & 800m...waa..ramai xlarat ooo..
i support news sheryl 800m 1st place yey! go mercury! i've told u ..u can do it..haha
the bad news is not that bad la..ok la..fendi dpt 3rd place in 1500m...kentang la jugak kan..
i almost xder suara..huhu..sakit tekak ready..aiya..

one bad news..alif lupa beli my cap..waaaa..then he said he'll try..but no answers yet!

we've almost siap stuff 4 the perbarisan thingy..tombak la,keris(comel)crown..then finally jumpa our "king" which is aizat..i think his name..then pn.hamirizan(my teacher) ask lisha 2 siapkan dia..tolong pakaikan(try) to sound so wrong(opps ma bad) sry lisha..
then the king with no queen..haih..then titiba pn.zaini 'menaja' baju 4 the queen..yey!
so the king wont be alone..hahaha..

dah la..i penat la 'menaip' hak hak hak..
its the skema season! weee

paling best this saturday sprts day then tuesday test!
bagos nyer skola..adaih...

ah..i jumpa this pic when tgh surf

spongebob with no pants...hagaga


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